The Doctor is in!

Defense is done and revisions submitted! Thankful to be finished with this chapter in my life.

It's been an incredible academic journey. Thanks to all who taught me and shared their lives with me!

News: Cornell Prison Education Program has a new PSYCH101 instructor!

This coming Spring 2016 semester, I'll be working with students at a local prison through the Cornell Prison Education Program. I'll be teaching PSYCH101 to a group of 18 men, one of the steps along their way toward a Liberal Arts degree.

While I'm looking forward to a chance to develop some introductory psych material, I am most looking forward to learning from these students. Admittedly, it's a different population than I'm used to teaching and I am just bursting with curiosity about how they will interact with the psychology canon. 

PSYCH2230 WIM - contract grading!

First class together and looking forward to a good semester. I gave my students the option of "traditional" grading or contract grading. They went with contract!

I heard about it a lot in writing pedagogy courses and heard good feedback from colleagues who have used it. It's my first time trying it officially and I'm interested in hearing from the students at the end of the year about their experiences with it.

Writing-in-the-majors Biopsychology

Excited to be teaching this semester. My biopsychology seminar will explore the ways that research in biopsychology interacts with issues in society. Some topics include: the science of sexual assignment (gender as a gene/environment interaction), contextual learning and drug relapse, the ethics of sensory prosthetics versus augmentation ...

Looking forward to diverting discussions!

News: Institute of Comparative Modernities grant

A couple months ago, a group of us submitted an application for a grant to start an interdisciplinary reading group called "Reading Sensibly: Rancière and the Politics of the Sensible". The group would be based on the way that the senses, generally, interacts with political movements. Some members are interested in the way that film, art, graffiti, poetry can reflect and fuel political movements. My own interest is how perceptual systems interact with these forms of media and how that influences public social action.