Arish Mudra Rakshasa

Arish is currently a third year undergraduate at Earlham College. He is double majoring in Neuroscience and Biochemistry with a minor in Ancient and Classical Studies. He is from Ghaziabad, India, and knows Hindi, English, Urdu, and Ancient Greek. He aims to complete an MD-PhD dual degree program after his time at Earlham and lead clinical research. His research interests range from HIV virology to molecular neuroscience, but he is particularly passionate about interdisciplinary research. He strongly appreciates collaborative research, especially that which focuses not just on the science, but the applications and communication of the science.

Arish is currently serving as the President of the Earlham Student Government. He strongly believes in multipotentiality, and has a wide range of interests and career aspirations. He is particularly excited when he is helping people or getting to know more about the world. In time, he hopes to enter international politics and diplomacy to represent the interests of young progressive people, queer folks, and immigrants like himself.

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